Granite is the most popular look for today’s baths and kitchens. However a total remodel can cost $10,000 Р$40,000. Homeowners are looking for an alternate. Flint-Stone faux granite finish is the answer. There 27 color from which to choose.

Save Money

With a remodel using Flint-Stone, counters, tile and fixtures are renewed with a granite finish. Traditional bathroom or kitchen remodels involve ripping out current tile, fixtures, cabinets, etc. and starting from scratch. Flint-Stone gives you the look of granite at a fraction of the cost.

Fewer Hassles and Mess

A traditional bath or kitchen remodel is a huge project. Workmen descend upon your home and tear it apart. Weeks later (and lots of dust!) your room is put back together. With a Flint-Stone remodel, one or two workers take a few days and your bath or kitchen is back in use. In fact, you can use your bath, shower or counters within 24 hours.

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