Finding a refinisher you can trust can be harder than you might think. A bad choice might leave you unhappy in a year or two. We get customers all the time because their previously refinished tubs are peeling or are streaked. In most cases this occurs because the person they hired used poor quality materials or didn’t take all the steps they should have. Here are some qualities to consider when looking for a professional refinisher:


Look for a least 5 years’ experience refinishing. Ask for referrals and check them. If a previous customer was happy, there is a better chance you will be as well.

Quality materials:

Quality materials can make the difference between a beautiful tub and one that peels. Poor quality materials may save a few bucks on a job, but there is a good chance the end result will suffer. Many customers call us who saved a buck or two but then needed to have the fixture refinished a year or two later. A tub that has been refinished with good quality materials should provide 10 years or more useful life if properly maintained.

Workspace preparation:

Overspray prevention and proper ventilation are critical for a successful outcome. Overspray is when excess coating shows where it shouldn’t. This may not be a problem if the coating and the walls are white, but any other combination and the problem will stick out like a sore thumb. A good technician will mask the walls and other fixtures. Ventilation is very important for both you and the operator. We have heard stories of refinishers simply putting a cheap box fan in a window. That just won’t do the job! Professional companies ventilate the area with a clean air system that vents workspace air to the outside. This will keep your home relatively odor free.


Don’t rely on the word of a person who only wants to make a sale. A written warranty helps ensure you get a good finished project; insist on one.